Michael Ulmer


Film & Television
Rumors of Wars Principal Bearfruit Films // Paul Tomborello
Empty Heart of War Lead
Bren Fischer
Puppet Master X: Axis Rising Featured Full Moon Productions // Charles Band
The Impaler Featured Flawless Productions // Derek Hockenbrough
Dr. Coil's Adventures Lead
Zach Yeldell
Hipster Chronicles Lead
Mike Cochnar

The Explorers Club (Regional Premiere)  Luigi Stage West & WaterTower Theatre (Dallas)
The Gun Show Military/Assault Weapon Skylight Theatre (Los Angeles)
The Odyssey Odysseus Doane University
Civil War Voices Joseph Harris Doane University
King Lear King Lear Panthera Productions
Titus Andronicus Saturninus Doane University
Three Sisters Col. Vershinin Doane University
A Dream Play The Officer Doane University

Voice Over
Chicken Express Television Commercial
Ciber Online Commercial
Big Cheese Pizza Television Commercial & Radio Ad
Nibble App Online Commercial  
Byte App Online Commercial  
Church on the Rock Television Commercial & In-House Videos
Freeman Landscape Television Commercial 

Jambox Speakers Featured Sandwich Video Inc.


Fringe Observer FOX

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